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What to Wear to a Dress Fitting

Underwear and Bras:

Make sure you wear comfy and nude-colored undergarments to your fitting. Most wedding dresses have many layers of fabric, but some thinner dresses can reveal the color of your undergarments, so it's important to wear something that matches your skin tone to some extent. Wear thinner undergarments if you're trying on form-fitting dresses to avoid panty lines. Strapless bras or silicone covers are the best choice during fittings so you can have confidence in your dress and don't have pesky straps in the way! Make sure whatever you choose to wear under your clothes is comfortable and fits you properly!

  • Nude - Nude won't show under white

  • Strapless - Straps will just get in the way


  • Tummy - If you're self- conscious

  • Thighs - To hide lines beneath slim dresses


Shoes and Accessories

Walking in a floor-length dress before alterations are done can be tricky. Wearing a sturdy heel (wedge) will lessen the likelihood of tripping over the fabric. Wearing heels will give you a pretty good idea of how each dress will look if you are wearing heels on wedding day. Make sure the heels you choose aren't super tall and difficult to walk in! Also, make sure the shoes you choose are easy to slip on and off. It can be extremely difficult to buckle a pair of shoes with ankle straps while wearing a wedding dress!

If you already have your jewelry picked out for wedding day, you should bring it to your appointment. However, ask someone to help you put on your jewelry after you get dressed so as not to snag the dress fabric!

  • Shoes - So you know how tall you'll be

  • Accessories - Match hairpieces to the dress

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