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Questions to Ask Your Bridal Salon

  • What size sample dresses are available to try on?

    • Most stores have samples in a size 8 or 10.

  • Can you look through the dresses yourself, or does the salesperson bring them out?

    • Many stores will let you look through samples to get an idea of what you like; then the salesperson brings you gowns to try on based on your preference.

  • Does the store carry the designers you're interested in?

  • Does the store carry dresses in your price range?

  • Does the store have shoes and bustiers to try on with gowns or must you bring your own?

    • Find out when you call to make your appointment.

  • If you like a dress that the store doesn't carry, will they order a sample for you to try on?

    • You may then be obligated to buy the dress. Find out if the store is able to borrow a sample from the manufacturer.

  • How long does it generally take for a dress to come in after it's been ordered?

    • It usually takes 3-4 months.

  • Can the order be rushed, if necessary?

  • Does the store carry headpieces and other accessories (purses, gloves, shoes)? If not, can they suggest other places to shop for these items?

  • Can you get a written alteration estimate when you order your dress?

    • It's difficult to tell exactly what will need to be altered until the dress comes in, but ask for a basic price list. Alterations should be a flat fee, or even included.

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