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Welcome to The Planning Prerogative! A Blog/Podcast all About Weddings and Events!

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

We're your hosts, Christina and Michele, and we can't wait to share our planning tips and advice (and blunders) with you here at The Planning Prerogative! Two full-time wedding and event planners, the creators of Sincerely Yours Weddings and Premier Events, The Southern Indiana Wedding Expo, hosts of The Southern Indiana Wedding Professionals Group and The Southern Indiana Wedding Couples Network and venue coordinators for Clayshire Castle, Christina and Michele want to share their knowledge of the industry with all of you! Whether you are planning a wedding or event, getting ready to plan a wedding or event, know someone who is planning a wedding or event, or even a wedding professional yourself, we hope you'll find this blog and podcast informational and inspirational!

Christina created Sincerely Yours Weddings while on maternity leave with her firstborn son. She had just graduated from the University of Central Florida with her Bachelor's in Event Management and had also just planned and executed her own wedding in Indiana (while still living in Florida). After experiencing her own wedding while not having a planner or coordinator, she vowed not to let another bride experience the chaos and questions that ensue on wedding day. Christina loves the logistics of wedding planning, being a very organized woman herself. She nerds out on timelines, itineraries and background systems to make sure no detail is missed on your special day!

Michele created Premier Events in February of 2020 (can you say holy pandemic?!) after working for an event company and growing their local bridal show to triple it's size in just two years! Growing up in the hospitality industry, her passion for events and design led her to venture out on her own to create amazing weddings and events and lead her company to success. Michele has an amazing eye for décor and those unique details that make your wedding or event special to the couple/person. She works closely with her couples to ensure that their wedding day represents the two of them together in a way that their family and friends will remember for a lifetime.

Michele and Christina met through the wedding and event industry many years ago. After becoming close colleagues and even closer friends, they decided to combine their companies into one power-company, knowing that their specific talents combined would bring an amazing service to their network. After officially combining in January of 2021, they created The Southern Indiana Wedding Expo, which is an inclusive expo with unique incorporations to give their guests more than just booths with vendors to walk around and see. It features a fashion show with all the latest and greatest, a speaker panel to get all of those burning questions answered and even brings in lifestyle vendors for all those things you need AFTER your married but might not think about! They have also taken over and rebranded The Southern Indiana Wedding Professionals Networking Group, where our industry professionals gather to gain knowledge and network with one another. You can also find The Southern Indiana - Wedding Couples Network on Facebook for any questions and guidance you might need while planning a wedding in Southern Indiana!

The Chamber of Commerce

Along with their other ventures, Michele and Christina are Ambassadors for The Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce (Michele is actually the Ambassador Chair)! Their love for their small business is just the tip of the iceberg, as they love encouraging and inspiring others in the area to grow their own small businesses! The Chamber is not only a great way to network and get the word out about your business, but also an amazing resource for other businesses and a tool to really get to know others and what their passions are!

We Can't Wait to "Plan" With You!

Our main goal here at The Planning Prerogative is to engage with all of you and get you the advice and tips you might need to have a successful wedding or event! We would love to get to know you and even chat about the crazy things that have happened at weddings or events that you've had/been part of!

If you haven't gotten to listen to the Podcast yet, be sure to check it out below!

If you're in Indiana or the surrounding areas (Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, etc.) - yup, we travel - and want to know more about our planning services, check out our packages below, we would be delighted to work with you!

Until next time!

Christina Rockett and Michele Suttile <3

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