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Desna's Designs

Gown & Floral Preservation

What Makes Desna’s Designs Different

Our entire flower preservation operation is handled locally. There is no need to ship flowers to another location. We are an authorized dealer of Suspended in Time®, the foremost method for flower preservation. Click the logo below to visit the Suspended in Time® corporate website and learn more about this exciting technology.

Desna and Ryan Aspy are the owners of Desna’s Designs, LLC. They are both graduates of West Virginia University and are admittedly avid fans of the Mountaineers. After 5 ½ years in the Air Force, where they had the opportunity to live in the Rocky Mountains as well as New England, they landed in Bloomington IN for two years while Ryan attended the full-time MBA program at the Kelley School of Business. After leaving Bloomington they spent three years in Alabama, after which they realized they had grown a love for Indiana and made the conscious decision to return to raise their family, which consists of three active boys. They now reside in Noblesville and are excited to be a part of the greater Indianapolis community.

During their time in the Air Force they learned about the Suspended in Time® method of flower preservation. They were very impressed with the technology and the finished product it produced. Desna had her own wedding bouquet encased and considered becoming a Suspended in Time® dealer immediately. However, they knew they would be moving consistently over the next several years, so that dream was put on hold. They moved forward with the goal of eventually settling down in an ideal location to establish a Suspended in Time® franchise. Noblesville has become that location.

Desna is the real talent behind the business, as she has a true love for working with flowers. She has a deep appreciation for the opportunity to work with clients to custom design their flower preservation encasements. Her satisfaction comes in seeing a customer leave with an encasement that she knows will bring them years of fond memories, of a special moment in their lives or of the life of a loved one. Ryan provides the marketing brains behind the business. As a team they look forward to serving the community with a flower preservation business that provides a unique piece of art to each of their customers. Their commitment to you is that they will handle your flowers with the same care as if they were their own.

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