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Hoosier Officiant

Ceremony Officiant

At Hoosier Officiant, we look forward to working with you to find the perfect wedding ceremony fitting for your day. Whether you want a simple ceremony or a unique personalized ceremony to showcase your cultures, interests, and/or personal love story as well as reflect your relationship and your views of marriage, we can help you find just the right ceremony for you.

Our only objective at Hoosier Officiant is to make the wedding couple happy, because it’s your day.

Hoosier Officiant was founded by Amber in the fall of 2017. Amber has always loved weddings. She loves helping to plan weddings. She loves being in weddings. She loves going to weddings. She even loves looking at wedding pictures online of people she doesn’t know.

Amber originally became ordained when her nephew and his fiancée were planning their wedding and looking for a secular officiant. She offered to get ordained and officiate a customized secular wedding ceremony for them. Soon after, she was asked to officiate two more weddings for a friend and a family member. She enjoyed it so much she started offering her services to other couples. The need for a secular wedding officiant was so great where she lives in Bloomington, IN, that she soon began recruiting others to join her in officiating weddings in central Indiana.

Hoosier Officiant specializes in customized ceremonies, often including favorite poetry or song lyrics, personal stories about the couple, inside jokes, and quotes from the couple and/or friends and family members in the ceremony address. However, we can also do traditional ceremonies if that is what the couple desires.

All of our officiants are happy to marry any couple that is in love, including but not limited to atheists, deists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and LGBTQ. Love is love!

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