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I'm Christina, owner and Planner for SYWPEvents! I'm also a bridal coach, here to navigate the increasingly complicated experience of planning one of the biggest moments of your life! If you know what I'm talking about, submit the form below so that we can connect!

My Story

How does someone even become a wedding planner anyways? I've always been a nerd and so when I saw "Event Management" as an option in the brochure for college majors, of course I was hooked. I'm that type-A, everything-has-to-be-perfect-and-in-order kind of person, and I'm a sucker for romance, and so my fate was sealed.

From there, I learned about the Association Of Bridal Consultants and got involved with the state and local chapter, and helped bring the student chapter at UCF back to life. Well then, I went off and got married and then whoops, 3 months pregnant and graduating! When I was planning my own wedding, I lived in Florida but the wedding was in Indiana. Being that I had an Event Management Major, I wasn't too worried about the planning process but of course I thought I had the coordination under control. Boy was I wrong, and so after moving back to Indiana after graduation and learning about Bloomington, I decided to make it my mission to save other couples the headache of coordinating their own wedding!


I've always been empathetic in nature, and when I worked with my couples I would continuously hear the calming effects that I would have during a panicked situation or a last-minute issue. That's when I got curious about coaching and how there might be something more I could do than just help plan and execute the wedding. Keeping my couples sane through the process is an important piece of the puzzle, and once you execute a few more than a hundred weddings, you have a pretty good handle on the process and the struggles that inevitably come about.

That's when The Bride Guider was created. I knew I had more to offer and now not only is my mission to plan and execute a stress-free wedding, but to help provide the tools to get bride's through the planning process in as stress-less an experience as possible!

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