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The Southern Indiana Wedding Expo

The Southern Indiana Wedding Expo began as a small thought and has transformed into something better than we could have imagined. As wedding planners we already knew we wanted to help Nearly weds near and far plan their dream wedding. But discovering what those dreams are and how to go about making them happen is a unique process we strive to facilitate by exposing all those seeking to get married to some of the best wedding professionals around and the resources they need to make those dreams a reality.

Gone are the days when going to a bridal show meant aimlessly walking around giving out your contact information and leaving with nothing but a bag of coupons you may or may not use. The Southern Indiana Wedding Expo offers an experience worth remembering so that you can leave confident in the success of your future wedding and refreshed after a day of fun. Couples from all over are invited to join us and be inspired!

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The Southern Indiana Wedding Expo is committed to providing couples with the access to professionals that will help them create the stress free wedding of their dreams. To accomplish our mission is to bring professionals together that we believe have the best products and services that can work within a couple's wedding budget.


The vision of The Southern Indiana Wedding Expo is to bring together couples searching for wedding services from trusted professionals in a unique way! We strive to create an inclusive, interactive expo that will celebrate the couple and ultimately help guide them through their planning journey!

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