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This Indiana wedding at The Wilds had the golden touch!



Karlie and Gehrig met during their sophomore year at IU. They were both transfer students and Karlie lived with a girl from Gehrig's hometown. They met the first day they moved in and have been together ever since!

For their first date, Karlie and Gehrig went to Applebees. She ordered chicken nuggets and he was so mad that she didn’t get “anything good”. They still have this argument until this day.



After Gehrig's graduation ceremony from IU, he and Karlie went to Sample Gates to take pictures. Mind you, it was pouring rain, in December, and she was not happy they were going to take pictures outside. Once there, he proposed to her.

"My advice is to not stress! My wedding changed 3 times due to Covid, and there were a lot of tears and stress. There were hall changes, photography changes, and a lot of chaos. However, once the day came, it was perfect. Our vendors and team made our dream wedding finally come! Just focus on yourselves and everything will work itself out!"




The wedding colors were gold and rose gold. The reception tables had gold and black accents to match the hall. The flowers were light blush and white.

The couple looked most forward to their "first look." Even though they share a lot of their relationship with loved ones and their daughter, this moment was one they were really able to focus on themselves and their relationship. It was really sweet.

Karlie and Gehrig are excited to continue to build their family. In fifty years, they see themselves somewhere with land and a lake to have all their family over to spend time together.

"Having a wedding planner made the process so smooth. We were able to ask questions and get help with the whole process. This was such a high point for our wedding running smoothly."

—Karlie and Gehrig

We heard great things from reviews. I’m SO GLAD we chose Sincerely Yours Weddings and Premier Events because our wedding went perfectly and so much stress was relieved from our plate. You ladies are amazing."

—Karlie and Gehrig



Rehearsal Dinner: The Wilds Wedding Venue

Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Wilds Wedding Venue

Officiant: Hoosier Officiant

Entertainment: The Dance Machine

Bartending: Upland Brewing

Stationary Items: Creative in Bloom

Hair: Marilyn

Makeup: Taylor McNutt Corell, Urban Beauty

Calligrapher: Creative in Bloom


"Christina, I cannot begin to thank you enough for the amazing work you have put into our event. Your time, talent, patience, dedication, and attention to every detail has not gone unnoticed. Your have made our planning very enjoyable and stress-free. We are grateful to be able to be fully present during this special day…all due to YOU! Thank you!

P.S. Mr. Gragido thanks you immensely for keeping me sane and taking the pressures off of me! Ha ha! Thank you for giving Karlie and Gehrig the BEST DAY!"

—Sarah Gragido (mother of the bride)

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