Spring Has Sprung at Whippoorwill Hill in Bloomington, Indiana!

Updated: Jul 20



We are so ecstatic to have worked alongside this amazing couple! Tracy and Amanda met online at the end of 2017. They were both living in St. Louis, MO, at the time. They spent a lot of time talking before they ever met in person, because life gets hectic ya know!

These ladies had their first date at a little restaurant called El Burro Loco ("The Crazy Donkey") in the Central West End of St. Louis. Amanda says about Tracy, "Tracy was awkward, but adorable!" Tracy about Amanda, "Amanda was suave and romantic." On their date, they talked about soccer and comic books. Amanda gave Tracy a hard time for her fondness for Spiderman (who doesn't love Spiderman!) and now Tracy is named "Spidey" in Amanda's phone because of this! Tracy and Amanda are nothing short of ADORABLE, always eating at EBL on every anniversary when they still lived in St. Louis no matter what, even braving a snowstorm on foot to get there! Even now, when not in "The Lou", they have carried on the tradition and eat Mexican food every anniversary!



Tracy and Amanda Engaged!

Can you believe that Tracy and Amanda actually proposed to one another on the same day while they were visiting The Great White North?!

Amanda had attempted to propose to Tracy months prior in Bloomington, but the proposal failed greatly because Tracy didn't want to get out of bed! Amanda finally popped the question on the banks of Lake Ontario, Canada. They had gotten up early and were walking along the lake with sounds of the water lapping and fog looming overhead. Tracy always joked that Amanda should propose to her with a ring pop, so she did! Tracy's mouth is blue in most of the photos after the engagement!

B&W Tracy and Amanda Engaged!

Unbeknownst to Amanda, Tracy had already planned to propose the very same day that Amanda had! Due to some weather and a closed museum, they ended up taking a boat to a small island off the coast of Toronto. Tracy found a beautiful spot amongst the flowers and popped the question!

Between the dancing and seeing their friends and family from across the country, it's hard for Tracy and Amanda to pick a moment that they are most looking forward to on their wedding day. In the end, that moment is reading each other their vows. They describe this moment as pure vulnerability in front of each other and our loved ones, and think that it will be really special.

Married life together brings much excitement and expectations, but Tracy and Amanda are most looking forward to being able to actually call each other "my wife". In 50 years, they see themselves still waking up early to catch the sunrise while we sip our coffee together. They have the hope that their children will have grown into happy and thriving adults.

"We chose SYWPEvents because we wanted our big day to be as stress-free as possible. We wanted to know that our wedding and all the moments of planning that went into it would be executed as we wished and after talking with Christina, we knew SYWPEvents had the passion and professionalism to make our wedding a stress-free reality."

—Tracy and Amanda

Tracy and Amanda Engaged!